Brooklyn Banya

It has a huge marble and tile hall with a hot tub and cold pool and a large seating area. If one is not too lazy to take stairs to the roof, a sun desk is available there. Steam room and sauna are fine, if a bit boring. Come spend the day in a Traditional Russian Baths. Relax and Enjoy our luxurious 10,000 sq foot facility. Sweat all your cares away in one of our Authentic Russian saunas and steam room, take a dunk in pool, relax in our therapeutic Jacuzzi, experience a traditional Platska (birch leaves treatment) try our signature vishy shower body scrub or a heavenly massage, or just lounge around the pool doing nothing all day. In Brooklyn Banya you carve out your own expirience. Do what makes you feel good! And after all that sweating, detoxing and relaxing walking out of Brooklyn Banya will leave you feeling ten years younger renewed and re-energized with skin soft and smooth as a new born. You will promise yourself to come back!

Brooklyn Banya Is The Best Russian Bathhouse in Brooklyn! So fun! I want to live here!


Сегодня с 10:30 до 23:00


602 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11218, U.S.A.


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