Cenedese Luis

Доктор пластической хирургии. В перечне операций: подтяжка лица, удаление жировых отложений, исправление формы носа, увеличение и уменьшение груди, удаление второго подбородка путем подтяжки и отсасывания жира и многое другое. Saline implants can be inserted through the umbilicus (belly button) resulting in a scarless breast. This procedure although somewhat more technically demanding results in a very natural appearance. Implants can be inserted around the areola (nipple), below the breast or through the axilla (armpit). Implant placement behind the muscle is preferred by most patients, where a more natural, sloping upper and outer breast shape is achieved. Our goal is to choose the best approach and implant for your breast and body. During your consultation with Dr. Cenedese, options of size, shape and implant type will be reviewed.

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1021 Avenue Z, Brooklyn, NY, 11235, U.S.A.


Мария: 347-729-3260



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