Generation 21 Day Care

Новый детский сад-ясли: большие удобные, светлые группы, три большие площадки. Четырех-разовое питание. Набор детей любого возраста в музыкальную студию и студию изобразительного искусства. At Generation21 Daycare, we specialize in offering safe care for children starting from the age of 12 months up to 5 years of age. We are here to ensure that your child is supervised and cared for. Our students are provided with 4 nutritional meals cooked by our Department of Health approved in-facility cook. Our facility features 3 spacious outside areas where supervised children enjoy our outdoor equipment and 3 floors filled with innovative educational materials.

We are happy to work with you to help your child grow in a great learning and social environment. We strive to see that your child receives the best of care and attention.


Сегодня с 7:30 до 18:00


6709 19 Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, NY, U.S.A.




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