Gold Material Montessori School (Brooklyn)

Gold Material Montessori School (Manhattan 2nd Avenue) Gold Material Montessori School is an independent private school. Child Day Care Center. Quality preschool education for children ages two to six. We are unique because we are modern! To keep up with the times we merge the Montessori Method with other successful approaches to preschool teaching. Gold Material Montessori School focuses solely on preschool education and therefore we are shown to be objectively better. We are proud that nearly 100 percent of our graduates successfully pass the tests for the Gifted and Talented program, earning them right to study in the best schools in New York. We are unique, because we have made our school convenient for every schedule. Our services are affordable for every family, and our schedules for attendance are particularly convenient for working parents.

We have grown and our responsibility to your child and the quality of education that we provide has grown as well!


105 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY, 11214, U.S.A.


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