Camp Horizons

Летний лагерь при Newark Academy с детского садика по 9 класс. Где дети сами выбирают игры и занятия: множество игр на свежем воздухе; профессиональные педагоги;обучающие и развивающие программы; прекрасные условия и удобное место. 28 лет в бизнесе. One size fits all may be a great idea for socks. But when it comes to summer camp, it doesn’t quite work. At Camp Horizons, we see your child as you do - as a receptive, eager individual with unique talents, skills and interests. Unlike traditional day camps, where campers are required to fit into the predetermined program, we offer your child a most unique way to spend the summer. Camp Horizons nurtures your Kindergarten/First Grade camper with the stability of a traditional camp program in a small group setting with the added excitement of sampling choice activities. We offer your 2nd-through 9th-Grade child the opportunity to create a personalized independent schedule selecting from a wide variety of activities.

Best of all, Horizons is fun! Little wonder that for over two decades, Camp Horizons has been the camp of choice for elementary and middle schoolers. A Camp Horizons Summer Experience is a loving, enriching gift that will last a lifetime.


91 South Orange Avenue, Livingston, NJ, 07039, U.S.A.


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