Oceanside Animal Clinic

Ветеринарная помощь: лечение, хирургия, стоматология, вакцинация, ультразвук, эндоскопия. Oceanside Animal Clinic is committed to providing the highest quality and most compassionate care possible for your pet. Good medicine starts with listening to our clients needs and providing them with not only the proper medical care but also the appropriate education to better care for their own pets. We strive to provide our clients with access to leading edge healthcare, products, technology and services.

Oceanside Animal Clinic is a full-service Brooklyn, NY veterinary practice.


Сегодня с 9:30 до 20:00


704 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY, 11223, U.S.A.


Emergency: 718-864-3508

Emergency: 718-864-5465



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