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Школа бального танца: латиноамериканская и европейская программы; спецпрограмма для детей от двух до четырех лет; подготовка свадебного танца; специальный класс для женщин по коррекции фигуры. Our studio is the place where people can learn to dance, meet new people, have fun, and feel comfortable. Our dance program is great for individuals preparing for events like weddings, competitions and socials. We offer a large variety of different programs for kids and adults. We specialize in teaching adults and children how to dance in private and group environments.Our instructors teach group dance lessons, private and semi private dance lessons. We also offer practice dance sessions and social dance parties to help you learn and become the kind of dancer you wish to be. We teach many different forms of social and competitive dance at a variety of different levels. No matter which class you take, you will learn the fundamentals, patterns, and partnering skills, in a friendly and fun setting. First lesson is free.

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